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    Mirror Stainless Steel Passenger Elevator
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    1. A powerful safety protection system

    (1) Mechanical action triggers safety tongs to clamp the guide rail and brake the elevator when it’s in a super stall situation.

    (2) Elevator will stop when emergency button is pressed.

    (3) When elevator is overload, it will send out overload signal to control system and stop it.

    2. Advanced machine

    (1) Applying permanent magnet synchronous traction machine.

    (2) The world's leading high-tech automation machines with international standard installation flow.

    3. Comfortable environment

    (1) The VVVF control driven ensures the balance and smooth of the elevator operation.

    (2) Personalized customization design make passengers relieved.

    4. Door to door service

    (1) From factory to customer.

    (2) Assign overseas teams for installation.

    (3) Professional maintenance for 26 months.

    Passenger elevator hall display

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    Ceiling: XTQ04-1370D printed steel plate (silver color) + acrylic strip + mirror finished stainless steel  

    Side wall: long hairline stainless steel + mirror stainless steel

    Rear wall: etched stainless steel

    Skirting line:long hairline stainless steel

    Handrail: XTQ06-01B circular drawn round 

    stainless steel

    Floor: XTQ07-1370-1(parquet stone)



    Integrated Ceiling: XTQ04-273D(A) hairline stainless steel veneer + LED flat light

    Side wall: hairline stainless steel

    Rear wall: decoration film + hairline stainless steel

    Floor: XTQ07-31m(PVC)

    Front wall: hairline stainless steel



    Ceiling: XTQ04-1226 painted steel + titanium black mirror finish stainless steel + LED spot light + LED down light

    Side wall: titanium black mirror finish stainless steel + bee hive marble + titanium black mirror finish stainless steel strip

    Rear wall: titanium black mirror finish stainless steel + bee hive marble + titanium black mirror finish stainless steel strip

    Floor: XTQ07-1226 (parquet stone)

    Front wall: titanium black hairline stainless steel

    Elevator Knowledge Share

    Technology Features:

    ● Energy Saving Gearless Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Traction Machine

    PMSM energy saving technology

    The gearless permanent magnetic synchronous machine is designed in the upgraded version of special structure, capable of withstanding greater redial load; with a special magnetic groove, it is able to start smoothly and fast under various loading conditions; the motor and traction sheave grants a higher balance prection and less vibration and noise, introducing passengers to smooth and quiet rides.

    ● Band-type brake dual-test switch

    The dual protection both electrical and mechanical can prevent elevator from running in the case of abnormal brake, securing performance of the elevator.

    ● Disc static band-type brake

    Customizing the host structure of the machine room less, adopt plane braking the contact surface makes band type brake friction surface fit closely, and realize silent effect lower than the noise of electrical machine operation.