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    Hydro Turbine
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    The Francis turbine are mostly suitable for hydro power station with medium or high head. The francis turbine we supply are compact in structure,reasonable in design,convenient in operation and maintenance and excellent in efficiency. They are both vertical and horizontal shaft arrangement and can be vastly selected by the hydraulic power station.


    Pelton turbine also called a free-jet turbine or Pelton wheel, a type of impulse turbine, named after L. A. Pelton who invented it in 1880. Water passes through nozzles and strikes spoon-shaped buckets or cups arranged on the periphery of a runner, which causes the runner to rotate, producing mechanical energy. The runner is fixed on a shaft, and the rotational motion of the turbine is transmitted by the shaft to a generator.

    The impulse type turbines are ranging from 80 to 1,000m in water head,200kW to 20MW in capacity and 0.55 to 2.3 in runner diameter. Theirs shaft arrangements are either vertical or horizontal and they may have single nozzle, twin or multi-nozzles.


    Kaplan turbine also known as axial flow Turbine is developed in 1913 by the Austrian professor Kaplan.Its invention allowed efficient power production in low-head applications that was not possible with Francis turbines.The feature of Kaplan turbine is the water flow passes through the runner axially.

    Kaplan turbines are widely used throughout the world for electrical power production. They cover the lowest head hydro sites and are especially suited for high flow conditions.


    The tubular turbines are the best selection for exploitation of tidal power and hydraulic power with extremely low heads and extremely large flow rates. They have large discharge,high specific and high efficiency, and need less excavation.They have been classified into Bulb, Pit, Siphon and S" types in the light of their structural types.


    Hydro generator type: brushless or thyristor

    Water head: 2m-900m

    Runner material: stainless steel and iron

    Shaft mount: vertical or horizontal

    Warranty: 12 months

    Voltage: 400V,3.3KV,6.3KV,6.6KV,10.5KV


    Simply reliable

    Proven technology

    + Tested and manufactured according to global standards

    + Downsized from state-of-the-art designs

    + Longstanding expertise with hundreds of references

    + Innovative and modern solutions for remote condition monitoring

    + Global network of partners and expert contacts

    Payment terms ,Delivery and Service

    Payment: negotiable, T/T or L/C better.

    Delivery:10-120 days after down payment,


    Q1, is the commissioning and installation service available?


    Q2, do all equipment be inspected before shipment?


    Q3,how about Quality Warranty ?

    1 year after finish installation