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    No Wash Hand Liquid Disinfectant
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    Product Introduction

    No Wash Hand Liquid Disinfectant features its efficient sterilization and safe care to your skin. Tests have shown that it can kill 99.9% of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli and Candida albicans on the skin surface in a short time of about 2 minutes, and it will form protective film to keep hands and hearts free of pollution for a rather long time. This No Wash Hand Liquid Disinfectant is very gentle and non-irritating, and the foam is directly extruded by a special pump head.


    No Wash Hand Liquid Disinfectant has the low PH value close to skin, creating no sensitization and stimulation. Also, the moisturizing agents are added to its formulation, thus avoiding the skin's dryness caused by flowing water and other alcohol type hand sanitizer, reducing skin irritation and keeping the skin moisturized.  

    No Wash Hand Liquid Disinfectant can completely evaporate within 30 seconds without any residue. After use, you don't need water to get it washed, or paper towels to get it dried, and this disinfectant will keep you hands comfortable, refreshing, non-sticky and non-greasy. It adds no flavor or coloring agent, and the smell is natural, the foam paste is rich and easy to squeeze.


    Press the pump head to squeeze the foam, apply the whole hand to cover the foam, rub the hands together to thoroughly clean the palm, back of the hand, fingers and fingers, and rub the hands for 30 seconds in the whole process.

    Product Information

    1. Product Name: Foam Disposable Bacteriostatic Hand Sanitizer

    2. Description: colorless, transparent liquid, extrusion through the pump head into foam

    3. Efficiency: Cleaning, sterilization, moisturizing

    4. Main ingredients and content: Benzalkonium chloride: 720mg / L-880mg / L

    5. Performance: liquid disinfectant for hand cleaning, disinfection