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    Foaming Hand Sanitizer
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    Product Name: Foam Disposable Bacteriostatic Hand Sanitizer

    Description: colorless, transparent liquid, extruded as foaming by the special pump head.

    Efficiency: Cleaning, sterilization, moisturizing

    Foaming hand sanitizer is a dual-purpose hygiene product. It serves to clean and disinfect hands and kill germs on contact. It’s an essential commodity in any household, hospital, school.

    What is foaming hand sanitizer?

  • Rich, thick foaming hand sanitizer.

  • No water or rinsing needed. Just rub in and let dry

  • Fast-acting Benzalkonium chloride 720mg / L-880mg / L – kills 99.9% of common germs within 2 minutes.

  • Meets CDC recommendations for proper hand hygiene.

  • Contains moisturizers to help reduce skin dryness.

  • No added dye or fragrance

  • Foam hand sanitizers are usually equipped with special pump heads. Extrusion is froth. Compared with liquid hand sanitizer, foaming effect is omitted. The foam hand washing liquid has the ingredients of cleaning, sterilization, decontamination, lubrication and moisturizing. It can kill 99.9% of common bacteria, prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, and protect hands from bacterial pollution.

    Differences between foam type hand sanitizer and liquid type hand sanitizer

    Foam hand sanitizer

    Liquid hand sanitizer

    Cleaning intensity

    The foamy shape is not easy to lost when used, and the effective ingredients can be fully utilized, which greatly improves the effects of cleaning, sterilization and moisturization.

    Easy to remove stains

    Rinse time

    No need to rinse

    At least 1 minute

    Usage amount

    1/2 of the amount of ordinary

    Two pumps

    Is Foaming Hand Sanitizer Effective?
    A second study showed that the new hand foam continues to fight germs for up to three hours after administration. That's longer than typically would be expected with hand sanitizers that utilize alcohol as the active ingredient.

    Size: 150ml, 50ml

    Note: This product is for external use, not to be taken orally, if inadvertently into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water immediately, please keep in a cool place.