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    Benzalkonium Chloride Hand Sanitizer
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    Product Name: Foam Disposable Bacteriostatic Hand Sanitizer

    Description: colorless, transparent liquid

    Efficiency: Cleaning, sterilization, moisturizing

    Main ingredients and content: Benzalkonium chloride: 720mg / L-880mg / L

    Chemical properties: Benzalkloramine chloride belongs to the quaternary ammonium group of cationic surfactants, non-oxidizing fungicides, with broad-spectrum, high-efficiency bactericidal algae extermination ability, and at the same time, has certain oil removal, deodorization ability and corrosion inhibition effect.

    Efficacy: Benzalkonium chloride can be widely used in antiseptic or personal care products, such as antiseptic in operation, hand sanitizer, soap and other sanitary products. It can also be used as antiseptic and mildew inhibitor in glue, coating, paint, textile, leather, papermaking and other industrial fields.


    1.Benzalkloramine has a broad-spectrum, highly efficient bactericidal capacity and is effective in killing sulfate-reducing bacteria.

    2.Soluble in water and easy to use.

    3.Low, non-cumulative toxicity.

    4.Benzalkloramine is effective in killing algae at different pH ranges.

    5.It has the function of dispersion and penetration, and has the ability to degrease and clean oil.

    Safety: Benzalkonium chloride has the functions of cleaning, decontamination, exfoliation, deodorization, lubrication and moisturizing, and is often used for wound cleaning. The benzalkonium chloride at a concentration of 0.1% is non-toxic and non-allergenic to the human body. It has less irritation to the skin, mucous membranes and wounds. Compared with other disinfectants, the bactericidal effect is stronger and the effect is softer; when the concentration is not more than 0.1% , Babies can also use it with peace of mind.

    The pH of this product is neutral or weak acid, similar to the pH value of human skin, reducing the irritation to the skin. The benzalkonium chloride content is within the standard content. Therefore, long-term use of this product for hand cleaning is safe. When we need to clean, aim at the palm of your hand and press the pump head to take proper amount of foam. Rubbing for more than 30s, the hands can achieve cleaning, sterilized, antibacterial, and long term use is safe and will not cause adverse effects on the skin.