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Nanjing RICOM Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd


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    Our History

    ◆ In 2013, Established a production base for chillers, cooling water systems, and mold temperature machines in Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui, China.

    ◆ In 2014, Nanjing RICOM Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.

    ◆ In2015, Independent research and development of semiconductor packaging materials cooling project.

    ◆ In 2016, won the contract and trustworthy enterprise.

    ◆ In 2017, it passed the IS014000 environmental system certification.

    ◆ In 2018, obtained the patent of cooling system for injection molding workshop.

    ◆ In 2019, Participated in the Rice Seedling Constant Temperature and Humidity Room Project of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and was approved and approved by a professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Company Profile

    Nanjing RICOM Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is one specialized is engaged in the industrial temperature control technology of the equipment manufacturer integrating industry, implement the modern quality management system ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 environment system: 2004 standard, ensure enterprise team in technology innovation, pay attention to customers to use and the feeling of satisfaction, and is unanimously recognized industry and customer; Obtain AAA credit rating certification; In 2016, the company honored the contract and kept its promise. In 2013, the company established the production base of chiller and mould tempering machine in chuzhou economic and technological development zone at the foot of the beautiful langya mountain, and also established Chuzhou RICOM plastic technology Co., Ltd.

    In order to comprehensively improve the market competitiveness of the company and the United States "copeland" company for technical cooperation, and the introduction of a variety of new production equipment, a large number of Europe, the United States, such as high quality materials, so that the product quality has been a strong guarantee! To provide customers with more safety, precision, energy saving, environmental protection, cost-effective products and considerate after-sales service, resulting in products sold throughout the country, and exported to Arab, African, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries and Europe and the United States.

    In the era of rapid development of modern industry, the manufacturing industry can improve the production efficiency and product quality by adopting precise temperature control of refrigeration. Nanjing RICOM Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., in order to meet the needs of various manufacturers in the industry, has launched a series of new chiller, chiller units and mold temperators, high temperature oil temperators. Products of our company are: the application of industry of plastic injection molding, reaction kettle, rubber extrusion, calendering, mixer, vulcanization molding polyurethane foam, printing roller, textile, printing and dyeing, drying, hot press molding, auto parts and cooling pipe high and low temperature testing equipment, electroplating, electronics, laser, CNC cutting, food industry, such as Nanjing RICOM Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., with advanced production technology and optimization of human resources, create the first-class cold water machine, water chiller and die temperature machine, the temperature control equipment, such as high oil temperature machine with European high standard quality for the customer creation value.

    Our Product

    Ⅰ Air-cooled chiller

    1. Vortex air-cooled chiller

    2. Screw air-cooled chiller

    Ⅱ Water-cooled chiller

    1. Vortex water-cooled chiller

    2. Screw water-cooled chiller

    Ⅲ Special non-standard chiller

    1. Explosion-proof chiller

    2. Stainless steel chiller

    3. Anti-corrosion chiller

    4. Hot and cold machine

    5. Special chiller for chemical industry

    Ⅳ Mold temperature machine

    1. Water mold temperature machine

    2. Oil mold temperature machine

    3. Explosion-proof mold temperature machine

    Ⅴ Other cooling equipment

    Product Application

    Electronics, home appliances, IT products, automobile parts, medical packaging, food packaging, cosmetics packaging, optical products, building materials for home furnishing, PET preform, wires and cables, pipes, chemical industry, agriculture, semiconductor, photovoltaic.

    Our Certificate

    Production Equipment

    Equipment Name



    CNC machine

    Process condenser tube plate

    Automatic punching machine

    Processing air-cooled condenser fins

    Laser cut-out machine

    Processing chiller housing case

    Punch press

    Processing chiller housing case

    CNC machine

    Process condenser tube plate

    Production Market

    Our customers come from China's domestic market and from Arab, African, Russian, Vietnam, Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries as well as Europe and the United States. Major sales markets:

    Southeast Asia 20%

    Africa 10%

    Arab 25%

    Our Service

    Refrigeration system engineering one-stop service

    —— Enjoy professional services and get rid of the tedious subcontracting

    1. Consultation: needs investigation, understanding the site, needs assessment, optimization suggestions.

    2. Design: Demand demonstration, design scheme, functional design, scheme description.

    3. Equipment: Demand demonstration, design scheme, functional design, scheme description.

    4. Construction: Demand demonstration, design plan, functional design, plan description.

    5. Training: operation guidance, daily maintenance, testing training, technical manual.

    6. Maintenance: fault repair, routine maintenance, technical support, upgrade and reconstruction.

    Customization process

    —— Spot 15-20 working days, non-standard custom 45 working days to complete

    1. Understand the needs

    2. Selection and quotation

    3. Confirm the quotation

    4. Production samples

    5. Down payment

    6. Order production

    7. On-site / remote acceptance

    8. Pay the final payment

    9. Delivery After-sales service


    Nanjing RICOM Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a professional temperature control equipment supplier, the company's professional technical service engineers have long received various technical training at home and abroad. We can provide you with:

    1. Equipment Installation and Commissioning:

    According to the actual installation needs, our company will provide installation engineers, electrical engineers and commissioning engineers as well as quality inspection personnel to supervise the whole process of installation and commissioning at any time, so as to lay a good foundation for the normal operation of the equipment.

    2. Personnel Training:

    During the installation and commissioning process, our company will send professionals to explain the working principle of the equipment to the user's engineering technology and operating personnel, so that the customer technical maintenance personnel can understand the entire process of equipment installation and commissioning, so that the customer can smoothly carry out daily maintenance after production.

    After the installation and debugging of the equipment is completed, our company's engineers will train the specific operators of the customers so that they can master the operation technology of the equipment and operate in strict accordance with the operating rules, so as to ensure the safety and stable operation of the equipment and guarantee product quality and work efficiency.

    3. Maintenance Service:

    My company has a special maintenance engineer according to the specific situation of equipment operation to provide customers with regular maintenance advice, equipment inspection, such as unexpected failure, maintenance engineer within the first time to provide you with prompt service.At the same time, our company has a large number of spare parts and wearing parts all year round. We promise to provide consulting services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so as to ensure that the equipment can resume operation in the shortest time.

    Our company takes "zero fault" as the ultimate goal of after-sales service, and wins the reputation of customers with professional, quick and high-quality after-sales service.

    4. Our Company Solemnly Promises:

    The warranty period of all equipment provided by our company is one year.

    During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged due to non-human reasons, our company will arrive at the site to provide services 24 hours a day.

    If the equipment fails during the warranty period, our company will repair it free of charge within 24 hours.

    If any equipment failure occurs outside the warranty period, our company shall pay for repair within 24 hours.

    Outside the warranty period, our company will give priority to spare parts at cost.

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