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    Jiaxing Dexun Co., Ltd

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    Area: Zhejiang

    Address: Zhejiang


    Product details


    Brass machined parts

    Few materials are easier to machine than brass, so savvy brass parts buyers choose their brass parts supplier with a simple decisive factor: Who can I trust to accurately provide the brass machining products I need?

    Advantages of brass screw machine parts

    Compared to machining other materials, brass machined parts have several key advantages. Brass-turned parts and assemblies are durable, cost-effective, and provide even tighter seals for accessories. In addition, brass machined and turned parts have high heat resistance and corrosion resistance! What's more, the brass screw machine parts of DX are easy to machine and connect and meet your specifications and standards!

    Why choose DX for brass parts?

    Supply Reliability-Whether it's an inventory plan, a kanban plan, or a consignment plan, DX will deliver according to your schedule. Spare stocks can be created in response to fluctuations in production demand.

    Cost savings-DX can perform multiple operations simultaneously to produce precision turned brass parts at a fraction of traditional cost.

    Manufacturability helps DX's experienced staff to scrutinize every new item to find design amendments that can improve brass screw machine parts, save material and reduce turnaround time.

    Material: Brass, copper

    Material available: steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze etc

    Brass machining features: high heat and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance

    Product serious: brass parts, brass pins, brass connectors, brass electronic parts

    Surface color: Gold

    Size: customized

    Salt testing: 48 hour

    Applications: PCB, power, charging equipment,USB pin connector, battery connector, charger pin connector

    Certificate: ISO9001

    Purity measurement

    The purity of brass can be measured by Archimedes' principle, the volume and mass of the sample can be measured, and the proportion of copper contained in brass can be calculated based on the density of copper and zinc.

    Ordinary brass

    It is an alloy of copper and zinc.

    When the zinc content is less than 35%, zinc can dissolve in copper to form a single phase a, which is called single-phase brass. It has good plasticity and is suitable for hot and cold pressure processing.

    When the zinc content is 36% ~ 46%, there are a single phase and β solid solution based on copper and zinc, which is called dual-phase brass. The β phase reduces the plasticity of brass and increases the tensile strength, which is only suitable for Thermal pressure processing.

    If the mass fraction of zinc continues to increase, the tensile strength will decrease and it will have no use value.

    The code is represented by "H + number", H is brass, and the number is the mass fraction of copper.

    For example, H68 means brass with 68% copper content and 32% zinc content. For casting brass, add "Z" before the code, such as ZH62.

    For example, Zcuzn38 indicates a cast brass with a zinc content of 38% and a balance of copper.

    H90 and H80 belong to single-phase brass, golden yellow, so they are collectively called golden, called plating, decorations, medals, etc.

    H68, H59 are duplex brass, widely used in electrical components, such as bolts, nuts, washers, springs, etc.

    In general, single-phase brass for cold deformation processing and dual-phase brass for hot deformation processing.

    Special brass

    A multicomponent alloy composed of other alloy elements added to ordinary brass is called brass. The elements often added are lead, tin, aluminum, etc., which can be called lead brass, tin brass, and aluminum brass accordingly. The purpose of adding alloy elements. It is mainly to improve the tensile strength and improve the processability.

    Code: "H + main plus element symbol (except zinc) + copper mass fraction + main plus element mass fraction + other element mass fraction" means.

    For example: HPb59-1 means that the mass fraction of copper is 59%, the mass fraction of lead with main plus element is 1%, and the balance is zinc-lead brass.

    Heat treatment specifications

    The hot working temperature is 750 ~ 830 ℃; the annealing temperature is 520 ~ 650 ℃; the low temperature annealing temperature for eliminating internal stress is 260 ~ 270 ℃.

    Environmentally friendly brass C26000 C2600 Excellent plasticity, high strength, good machinability, welding, good corrosion resistance, heat exchangers, paper tubes, machinery, electronic parts.

    Specification (mm): Specification: thickness: 0.01-2.0mm, width: 2-600mm;

    Hardness: O, 1 / 2H, 3 / 4H, H, EH, SH, etc .;

    Applicable standards: GB, JISH, DIN, ASTM, EN;

    Features: Excellent cutting performance Suitable for high-precision parts of automatic lathes and CNC lathes.

    We supplied many different style pins in brass, steel, copper to different countries. The small components from as little as 0.3mm diameter to 50mm charger connector applications. Just let us know your specifications and standards!

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