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    The advantage of soilless culture substrate is white, beautiful, water absorption, good ventilation, can be used alone, can also be mixed with other substrate, light and easy to move, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used continuously, can be steamed disinfection.Its disadvantage is poor water retention, prone to algae.The way to avoid algae is to put a plastic foam cap on the top of the pot.

    1. Strong growth, high yield and good quality

    The combination of soilless cultivation and horticulture facilities can reasonably regulate the environmental conditions of light, temperature, water, gas and fertilizer, and give full play to the production potential of crops.Compared with soil cultivation, soilless cultivation plants grew faster and stronger. For example, 60 days after sowing watermelon, the plant height, number of leaves and relative maximum leaf area of soilless cultivation were 3.6 times, 2.2 times and 1.8 times, respectively.Crop yields can be multiplied.

    soilless cultivated crops are not only of high yield, but also of good quality, clean, tender and pollution-free.Can produce green food, high - grade products.The green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, mustard and Chinese cabbage produced by soilless cultivation have fast growth rate, low content of crude fiber and high content of vitamin C.The fruits and vegetables of tomatoes, cucumbers and melons have neat appearance, even coloring, good taste and high nutritional value.Carnation and other flowers rich fragrance, long flowering period, flowering number.

    2. Save water, fertilizer, labor and labor

    Soilless cultivation can avoid the loss and leakage of soil irrigation water and nutrients, and the absorption and fixation of soil microorganisms, which can be fully absorbed and utilized by crops and improve the utilization efficiency.The water consumption of soilless cultivation is only about 14~110 of that of soil cultivation. It is of great significance to save water resources, especially for crops in arid and water-deficient areas. It is one of the effective measures to develop water-saving agriculture.The fertilizer utilization rate of soil cultivation is only about 50%, even less than 20%~30%, and more than half of the nutrient loss. While the fertilizer utilization rate of soilless cultivation, especially closed nutrient liquid circulation cultivation, is up to more than 90%.Soilless cultivation saves onerous requirements, cultivating, the whole strip, weeding, such as physical Labour, and as soilless cultivation production management facilities in the use of computer and intelligent system, gradually realize the mechanization and automation, greatly reduces the labor intensity and save labor, improve the labor productivity, can adopt the similar to industrial production.

    3. Fewer diseases and insect pests, which can avoid soil continuous cropping obstacles

    Soilless cultivation combined with horticultural facilities is carried out in a relatively closed environment. To a certain extent, the invasion of crops by external environment, soil pathogens and pests is avoided. In addition, the crops are robust, so the occurrence of diseases and pests is slight and easy to control.There is no pollution of parasite eggs, heavy metals, chemical harmful substances and other public hazards caused by the application of organic manure and urine in soil planting.

    Of soil cultivation, often because of the result in continuous cropping soil plant diseases and insect pests of middle-earth spread a large number of crops, salt accumulation, nutrient imbalance and root secretion causes the poison effect called facilities such as the problem of soil cultivation, soil treatment and disinfection is not only difficult, the cost is considerable, and the lack of effective drugs, disinfection is difficult to complete, the cultivation of soil after a few years, benefits of rapid decline, until the stop.Soilless cultivation can fundamentally avoid and solve the problem of continuous soil cropping by immediately planting the next crop after each crop harvest, as long as the necessary cleaning and disinfection of the cultivation facilities are carried out.

    4. Can greatly expand the space for agricultural production

    Soilless cultivation makes crop production free from soil constraints and can greatly expand the available space for agricultural production.Free of barren hills, wasteland, river beds, island, even the desert, the gobi desert soilless cultivation can be used for crop production, especially in the densely populated cities, use the roof terrace and balcony space such as crop cultivation, improving the cultivation environment at the same time, can develop within greenhouse gardening facilities such as multilayer three-dimensional cultivation, make full use of space, digging horticultural facilities, agricultural production potential.





















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