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    Yellow Peach Enucleation Machine
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    The yellow peaches are transported from the classifier to the input hopper, or the raw materials are manually sorted and poured into the hopper of the de-nucleating machine elevator. They can be automatically individually loaded into the cup on the transport device. As the conveyor passes through the school location area, these peaches are rotated by the school wheel, which protrudes from a hole in the bottom of the cup. As the peach stems were found by the school wheel, the peaches stopped rotating. From the discovery area of the peach stem position, these fruits pass through three seam finding areas (two employees are required to manually adjust the position on both sides), and the peach seam can be aligned with the separating knife in its position. In the separation zone, the knife starts to cut in from the bottom and top of the peach at the same time, and the peach flesh is separated from the peach stem. All transmission, adjustment and de-core actions are completed by a heavy-duty mechanical cam, which is specially designed to calibrate all operations.

    Patent number: ZL201110184288.9.

    Technical parameters: 

    1.Production capacity: 1.8-2 tons/hour/set

    2.Number of approved workstations: 8

    3.Applicable yellow peach diameter: 50-55, 55-65, 65-70

    4.Material: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

    5.Overall power: 3kw

    6.Water consumption: 20L/min

    7.Dimensions:7000×1830×1800mm (length×width×height)

    Product advantages: The product has a large workload. After removing the peach pits, the peach petals are smooth and the damage rate is not high. The peach petals can be used to make canned and dried fruits. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain.