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    Glass Bottle Palletizer
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    a. This machine is mainly used for automatic palletizing of various tinplate cans. The sterilized tinplate cans are conveyed by the conveyor belt to the palletizing conveyor belt in front of the palletizer, and they are squeezed together regularly. The wooden pallets are manually placed in the palletizing rack, and the conveyor belt transports the cans to a layer. To the palletizing conveyor belt in front. The front layer of cans is lifted up and down through the chain by the magnetic can suction device, and the linear track moves forward and backward. The cans of this layer are sucked onto the wooden stacking board for stacking and demagnetization. In this way, the reciprocating movement will move the cans one by one The layer is sucked to the wooden stack board, and the whole stack is unloaded by the hydraulic truck after the stack is full. The effective height of palletizing is not more than 1.7 meters.

    b. The equipment mainly includes: stacking conveyor belt, palletizing conveyor belt, tank suction device, frame, electric control box and so on. Dimensions: 7400×2000×2950mm (length×width×height)

    c. The side plates of the conveyor belt are made of 2mm thick stainless steel folded plates, and the columns are welded by 40×40×2 stainless square tubes. The frame column is 200×250×4mm Q235, the welding surface is treated with copy paint, and the material of transmission shaft 45# is tempered and blackened. The upper and lower lifting chains adopt 1.2-inch standard carbon steel roller chains. The whole set of equipment is safe, strong and reliable. PLC adopts Taiwan FATEK, inverter Panasonic, servo motor Delta.

    d. Production capacity: 500-600 cans/min (two layers per minute).

    e. Electric capacity: 7.35kw.