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    CNC Rolling Machine
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    CNC Rolling Machine

    This four roll plate bending rolls are recognized worldwide as the fastest, safest, most precise and easy to use plate roll available in the all range. This is a fully hydraulic 4-roll bending machine with pre-bending. Rolls length up to 6.000mm, plate thickness up to 150 mm

    This advanced design has the following benefits such as: 

    (1) Plate is introduced horizontally (and not tilted as on the three roll double pinch)

    (2) Plate is squared instantly against the back roll (reducing risk of a mis-matched end condition of the part)

    (3) Requires space only on one side of the machine, where the plate is introduced to the machine

    (4) Greatly reduced flat-end (due to better pre-bending) thanks to the clamping roll that can take the edge to the precise tangent points of the top and bottom rolls

    (5) It is the fastest machine to roll a can, as it would require only one position for each side bending roll

    (6) The entire cylinder can be finished in only one pass (within a suitable capacity), including pre-bending of the edges

     No need to pre-bend both ends before starting to roll the entire cylinder, as required with a 3 roll

     No need to remove, turn and re-insert the plate as on a 3 roll single pinch

    (7) The four roll could be even 50-80% faster and more productive than any style three roll

    (8) The most suitable for CNC operation, as the plate is under a better control, clamped between the top and bottom rolls, until the part is finished

    The four roll design is recommend for clients who: 

    1. Wish to operate through CNC, with less dependence on operator skills

    2. Look for more steady quality of the rolled products. 

    3. Look for high productivity, and increased profits. 

    4. Require good accuracy and quality improvements. 

    5. Need handling equipment for larger plates, who are also concerned for production or safety reasons.

    6. Are new to plate rolling, as it is the easiest plate roll to operate. 



    1. Extremely robust structure machined with CNC control machines

    2. Oversized dimensions of hydraulic system and components to withstand heavy use and prolong durability with low maintenance

    3. Two hydraulic motors coupled to planetary gear units for the rotation of the two central rolls

    4. Hardened rolls / Hardened and polished rolls

    5. Separate control desk on wheels

    6. Hydraulic opening of shoulder by control desk

    7. Hydraulic inclination of lateral rolls for conical bending directly from control desk

    8. Numerical control for automatic production

    9. Movements of rolls on swing guides to reduce flat part

    10. It can be used to roll tubes, tube segments, rounded boxes, ovals or other shapes.

    11. Sheet width: Max. 6000 mm, sheet thickness: Max. 150 mm for cold bending

    12. Side rolls are free for rotation and upwards downwards movements are hydraulic powered

    13. Top and bottom rolls are driven by hydraulic and gearbox. Bottom roll’s vertical movements are hydraulic powered

    14. Rolls rotation on high resistance selfaligning bearings

    15. Rolls Cambering: know how variable cambering to avoid reel and barrel effect to increase bending performance and precision

    Main Components: 

    Self-Aligning Rolls Bearings: HRB, ZWZ

    Hydraulic elements: YUKEN/Japan 

    Electric equipments: Siemens or Schneider

    PLC: Delta / Taiwan 

    Motor: Siemens 

    Rolling Process:

    1. Plate alignment and squaring positively against the back roll. 

    2. Plate pinching (at a pre-set, safe, pressure). 

    3. Plate is moved as far back as possible between the top and bottom rolls, for the very minimal flat-end. 

    4. Side roll is moved up, to bend the edge of the plate (pre-bending position). 

    5. The rolls rotate, to feed the plate, to round the entire leading edge. 

    6. Inversing the side rolls (down the front roll; up the rear roll). 

    7. Rotate the rolls, feeding the plate to roll the entire plate length to the required diameter.

    8. Pre-bending the trailing edge is an automatic end-of-process feature, continuing feeding the plate forward. 

    Optional Components: 


    (1) Metal Fabrication

    (2) Pressure Vesesels and Heat Exchangers

    (3) Off-shore platforms

    (4) Soils

    (5) Wind Tower

    (6) Tubes & Pipes

    (7) Aerospace / aircraft

    (8) Metal Structural 

    (9) Shipbuilding

    (10) Tanker Containers

    Technical Data:

    CNC controlled, automatic CNC rolling machine manufacturer, supplier in China. 

    Weclome to contact us to get detailed offer according to your exact request.