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    Edge Trimming Machine
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    LWD01 Trimming Machine

    Application and operating principle

    LWD01 is the aluminum tube thread and length trimming machine. It is the specialized equipment of the aluminum tube production line. It is the necessary part of metal collapsible tube line for consumer goods and medicine products. It can work alone or form a production line by connecting with other machines.

    The main working procedures include trimming the tube nozzle, processing nozzle thread, polishing tube shoulder and length trimming to required length.

    Germ tubes from charging conduit are pushed and inserted over mandrel, the expand mandrel expand to fasten the tubes on the mandrel, and revolves at high speed with the tubes. During the procedure, the tube end is trimmed by the knife to the required length. The tube nozzle is trimmed and form thread formed with chaser rolls, as per specifications. Next, the brush driven by motor polishes the head and shoulder of the tubes and the body of tubes is made smooth and straight, which is helpful for unloading tubes.

    The last working station is for unloading materials. The unloading board controlled by cam pushes the processed tubes out from the mandrel. Following the flat belt, the tubes come to the charging conduit which can connect with conveyor chain of annealing oven.

    Main features

    1.Ferguson indexer increases indexing accuracy and the machine has high abrasion resistance and low working noise.

    2.Function of putting tube in twice and separating tube’s body and end automatically. The waste removal device automatically collects aluminum scraps in the waste drum.

    3.SIEMENS PLC controls speed and frequency and displays information like production speed on its text panel.

    4.Frequency converter is used to control the speed and it is convenient to replace mandrel of different types. Mandrel board and mandrel are processed by CNC equipment, which increases the stability of the machine.

    Main technical parameters

    1.Tube diameter range: φ11mm-φ38mm

    2.Tube length range: ≤185mm

    3.Production speed: ≤60tubes/min

    4.Motor power: 2.2KW

    5.Dimensions: 2100*1750*1100mm

    6.Weight: 1300KG