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    Trampoline Park Use Locker
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    Product Introduction

    A trampoline park locker is specially designed to complement any trampoline park by providing a safe and secure place for customers to place their bag, shoe, and any other material they brought to the park. Trampoline lockers add value and functionality to any park and help customers jump with ease knowing their belongings are secure.

    What is a Trampoline Locker ?

    Ys Lockers have designed the trampoline locker to meet all the needs of a modern trampoline park. Our trampoline locker consists of one central kiosk and several "locker cabinets that can be added for a truly customized system. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, customers can select the size of locker and enter their own password and phone number to open and store items. When they are finished, or if they just want to get something in the locker, they only need to enter their passcode and phone number to retrieve their bag or choose to continue using the locker

    Product highlights

    1."customizable"Most details including color, size, UI and more can be tailored to individual needs. We have a professional design team who can develop the lockers to meet your unique requirements.

    2."Intuitive and Stable software"The UI is easily customized and very intuitive for simplicity of use and little maintenance.

    3."littler to no supervision"Trampoline lockers need little to no supervision from employees.

    4."Easy Management"Quickly and conveniently manage lockers and review usage from an easily accessible management screen. Able to open and clear lockers simply and conveniently.

    5."Customer satisfaction"The lockers can greatly increase customer satisfaction and reduce stress.