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    Attraction Park Touch Screen Storage Locker
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    Product Introduction

    Perfect for applications that require people to store their belongings safely and securely in an environment with water. The water park touch screen storage locker enables visitors to enter lockers using nothing more than an RFID bracelet. This frees customers from the burden of remembering passwords and enables them to more freely enjoy their experience.

    What is a water park touch screen storage locker?

    The water park locker can be integrated into existing RFID functions of a park enabling a streamlined and simplified management process. The lockers not only provide a safe, secure and dry place to store items but can also be configured with charging functions that can increase functionality. The fully automated system  reduces stress on workers, allowing them to be more productive instead of helping manage lockers.

    Product Highlights

    1. The open API makes it easy to dock all water park internal operations and charging systems.

    2. Customized software and UI interface, according to the park theme content for professional design.

    3. Can easily set and change the charging mode and storage time setting according to the operation demand in the background, the operation method is simple and flexible.

    4. Can be remotely upgraded software and change the UI interface, after-sales maintenance costs are low.

    15 Inch Screen Electronic Storage Cabinet








    Industrial Host

    Hardware: optiplex XE2 PSU Base small chassis of energy efficiency up to 90% MOD, PRC, HSW, I3-4330, 3.5, 65W, L

    RAM 4GB<1*4G>1600MHZ DDR3L, dell Optiplex:500GB 3.5 inch SATA<7.200Rpm> hard disk; PerforMance TherMal Dell Optiplex XE2 small take-off machine; System power cord "China" Intel Core i3 tags; DELL Optiplex

    Intel integrated graphics, DELL Optiplex: DELL USB Optimal Mouse - Black; DELL Smart Card Keyboard KBB13 "English" US-OptiPlex

    Integrated with Realtek RTL8111F PCI-E Gigabit LAN chip

    Support fast Ethernet LAN up to 10/100/1000Mbps

    4*USB port, 1*HDMI port, 1*VGA port, 4*RS232 port, 1*RJ45 port, 2*10/100/1000Mbps net port

    Support watchdog timer technology; Support thunder protection function

    Integrated Net Card, Sound Card, Video Card

    Software: Neokylin OS


    Touch Screen

    15" INCH Touch Screen

    Touch Mode: Capacitive touch

    Operational Touch Screen: Five-wire resistance touch, surface acoustic wave touch, infrared touch, capacitive touch

    Surface Hardness: 3H, 4H, 5H

    Panel Surface: Anti-glare coating, glare coating

    Transmittance: 95%

    Resolution: 4096x4096

    Allowed No. of Tap or Touch: >1,000,000 >10,000 million times

    Operating Voltage: DC5V

    Sealing Treatment: Dustproof, waterproof, anti-oil

    OS: windowsXP, win7/8 /9 10, Android, linux, CE, Mac.

    Touch Screen Interface: USB

    LCD Screen

    Size: 15 inch (high resolution, high brightness screen)

    Brand:  MKU

    Model: TSC1503

    Display Screen: 306*231mm

    Screen Ratio: 4: 3

    Dot Pitch: 0.297mm

    Resolution: 1024*768

    Contrast: 500:1

    Brightness (cd/m2): 350cd/m2

    Response Time (ms): 5ms

    Viewingangle: 170°/160°

    Color: 16.7M

    Service Life: 50,000(hr)

    Interface Function

    VGA:  Standard 15-pin VGA connector

    Power Interface: DC12V,100-240V AC

    Optional Function: DVI/HDMI/AV/BNC/TV/USB

    OSD Menu

    Multi-lingual: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian (optional)


    CE, ROHS, FCC, batch optional

    Operating Temperature

     -10°C - 70°C

    Operating Humidity


    Standalone Power Consumption



    Lockers (Doors)

    Secured Electronic Lock

    Project name: Design parameters

    Model: YSA-3 generation micro switch electronic control lock

    Dimensions: 93*67MM

    Electromagnet / macro switch: DC12V 1.5A/2A

    Power input status: DC regardless of positive and negative

    Switch input status: On when door is closed; off when door is open

    Door-opening Thrust: ≥1.5KG

    Weight: 0.3KG

    Shell Material: Stainless steel

    Lock Hook Material: Precision super hard metal powder casting

    Spring and Others: High temperature heat treatment hardening

    Operating Temperature: 40/-120℃ to ensure normal use

    Operating Humidity: Natural humidity

    Product Life: 500,000 times


    Door openning size

    3 different size door: S, M, L, XL, XXL…

    S:1920(H)×800(W)×450(D)mm; UNIT:280(H)×350(W)×430(D)mm

    M:1920(H)×800(W)×450(D)mm; UNIT:336(H)×350(W)×430(D)mm

    L:1920(H)×800(W)×450(D)mm; UNIT:420(H)×350(W)×430(D)mm

    XL:1920(H)×800(W)×450(D)mm; UNIT:560(H)×350(W)×430(D)mm

    XXL:1920(H)×800(W)×450(D)mm; UNIT:840(H)×350(W)×430(D)mm



    Bi-channel Speakers

    Material: ABS plastic

    Output Power: 2.5W*2

    Product Interface: USB and 3.5 audio head

    Physical Dimension: H6.3mm*W6.3mm

    Product Weight: 200G

    Additional Features: Wire switch function

    Model: D100

    3C Product Model: A1.A2.A3.A4.A5…



    Steel Enclosure

    Durable steel frame, Power coated; Patent design; Easy to install and operate; Moistureproof、Static free, custom color available

    With wedge anchor to secure lockers on floor



    Microsoft windows 7 professional English version, with all drivers and software installed before shipment, plug&play


    Optional Configuration

    Multi Languages, 19" Ads LCD Display, IC Card, Self-set Password, 1D Code, QR Code, Remote Control System, Face recognition, fingerprint identification…



    Pallets or Plywood Case with foam protection inside


    Console Packing Dimension:1940(H)×820(W)×470(D)mm

    Extension Locker Packing



    Storage/Working Condition

    Storage Temperature -10℃ -- 50 ℃; Working Temperature 0℃-- 50 ℃

    Storage/Working Humidity 10 -- 90﹪



    CE, ISO 9001



    powder coating